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Book of Amos: Quiz


Question 1: As a result of the fighting amongst its neighbors, Israel had the benefit of increasing its borders almost to those of the time of David and ________.

Question 2: YHWH speaks to Amos, a farmer and herder, and tells him to go to ________, the capital of the Northern kingdom.
SamariaHipposTzipporiBeit She'an

Question 3: Chapters one and two look at the nations surrounding ________ and then Israel itself through an ethical lens.
ArmeniaUnited StatesGreeceIsrael

Question 4:

Question 5: However, some believe that Amos was actually from a Tekoa in the North, near ________.
Beit She'anNazarethGalileeTiberias

Question 6: Rehoboam is reported to have fortified Tekoa along with other cities in Judah in ________ 11:5-6.
PsalmsBooks of KingsBook of EzraBooks of Chronicles

Question 7: ________ will not hold back judgment because Israel refuses to listen to the prophets and even goes so far as to try to silence them (2:12, 3:8, 7:10-17).

Question 8: The Book of Amos is one of the books of the ________.
Old TestamentHebrew BibleDeuterocanonical booksTanakh

Question 9: Sycamore figs grow at a low elevation, lower than the Tekoa of Judah, which is at a relatively high elevation of 850 metres (overlooking both Jerusalem and ________).
ChristmasBethlehemSanta ClausJesus

Question 10: It is believed by most that Amos was a southern farmer, called by ________ to deliver his prophetic message in the North.


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