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Question 1: ________ was said to have tried to save the precious manuscripts from the fire as the flames engulfed the collection.

Question 2: ________ books by a decree of emperor Diocletian in 303, calling for an increased persecution of Christians.
JesusChristianChristianityCatholic Church

Question 3: During the 13th century, the Catholic Church waged a brutal campaign against the Cathars of Languedoc (smaller numbers also lived elsewhere in Europe), culminating in the ________.
Albigensian CrusadeCrusadesCatharismFifth Crusade

Question 4: In 1666, as the ________ advanced, many booksellers who had stores in London put their books in Old St Paul's Cathedral's stone-lined crypt for safety.
Great Fire of LondonCity of LondonTower of LondonHistory of London

Question 5: bookstores selling the novel were the target of bombings, and two bookstores in ________ were firebombed.
Hayward, CaliforniaBerkeley, CaliforniaFremont, CaliforniaOakland, California

Question 6: The book Established beliefs of ________ was burned in a Paphlagonian marketplace by order of the charlatan Alexander, supposed prophet of Ascapius ca 160 (Lucian, Alexander the false prophet)

Question 7: Although the Qur'an had mainly been propagated through oral transmission, it also had already been recorded in at least three codices, most importantly the codex of Abdullah ibn Mas'ud in ________, and the codex of Ubayy ibn Ka'b in Syria.
KufaAliShia IslamHusayn ibn Ali

Question 8: In the 1480s Tomas Torquemada promoted the burning of non-Catholic literature, especially the Jewish Talmud and also Arabic books after the final defeat of the Moors at ________ in 1492.
BubiónGranadaBaza, GranadaIznalloz, Granada

Question 9: During the Cultural revolution, many such books were forcefully destroyed or burned to ashes, because they were considered by the ________ as among the Four Old Things to be eschewed.
KuomintangCommunist Party of ChinaMao ZedongDeng Xiaoping

Question 10: In addition, Edelmann was also an outspoken opponent of ________.
DemocracyMonarchyConstitutional monarchyAbsolute monarchy

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