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Question 1: The TurboGrafx-16 version of Bonk's Adventure was released for the ________ service at its launch on November 21, 2006.
WiiWareWii RemoteWiiVirtual Console

Question 2: A complete new game, with 2 player co-op, was released for the arcades, while another new game going under the same name was released for the ________.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Boy lineGame Boy ColorGame Boy

Question 3: Genjin Collection, a collection of the 3 Game Boy titles, was released for the ________.
Game Boy ColorGame Boy AdvanceGame BoyGame Boy line

Question 4: The "PC" part of his Japanese name stands for "Pithecanthropus Computerurus", a fictitious ________ name for Bonk.
EvolutionLifeBiological classificationSpecies

Question 5: A large-headed, ________ caveman, his favored form of attack was the headbutt.
Androgenic alopeciaBaldnessHirsutismHypertrichosis

Question 6: Bonk is a video game character from NEC's ________ console.
TurboGrafx-16Mega DriveSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemMega-CD

Question 7: Bonk's Adventure was the first game starring Bonk and was released for the ________ and a variation of the original on the NES.
Mega-CDSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemTurboGrafx-16Mega Drive

Question 8: RPG Genjin was planned for the ________, but was never released.
Mega DriveTurboGrafx-16Super Nintendo Entertainment SystemMega-CD

Question 9: GB Genjin Land: Viva! Chikkun Kingdom was a collection of mini games starring Bonk, released for the ________
Game BoyGame Boy lineGame Boy AdvanceGame Boy Color

Question 10: A remake of the original was released in Japan on the PlayStation 2 and the ________.
WiiNintendo GameCubeSuper Nintendo Entertainment SystemNintendo 64


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