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Bone marrow: Quiz


Question 1: Exposure to radiation or ________ will kill many of the rapidly dividing cells of the bone marrow and will therefore result in a depressed immune system.
Cancer immunotherapyATC code LAntineoplasticChemotherapy

Question 2: Bone marrow is the flexible tissue found in the hollow interior of ________.
Human skeletonHead and neck anatomyHuman skullBone

Question 3: ________, platelets and most white blood cells arise in red marrow.
Blood typeBlood plasmaHematologyRed blood cell

Question 4: The stroma of the bone marrow is all tissue not directly involved in the primary function of ________.
Immune systemIdiopathic thrombocytopenic purpuraHaematopoiesisAdaptive immune system

Question 5: ________: High endothelial venules
T cellCytotoxic T cellT helper cellRegulatory T cell

Question 6: The normal bone marrow architecture can be displaced by malignancies or infections such as ________, leading to a decrease in the production of blood cells and blood platelets.
LeprosyAnthraxPathogenic bacteriaTuberculosis

Question 7: For instance, they generate colony stimulating factors, affecting ________.
HaematopoiesisImmune systemAdaptive immune systemIdiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Question 8: There are two types of bone marrow: red marrow (consisting mainly of hematopoietic tissue) and yellow marrow (consisting mainly of ________).
Adipose tissueAdipocyteBrown adipose tissueCollagen

Question 9: Bone marrow contains three types of ________:[2]
Stem cellUmbilical cordDevelopmental biologyEmbryo

Question 10: For instance, ________, macrophages and their precursors tend to gather around blood vessels, while granulocytes gather at the borders of the bone marrow.
PlateletRed blood cellBlood plasmaHematology

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