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Bone (corsetry): Quiz


Question 1: These busks were made from either wood, ivory, ________, or baleen and were often elaborately carved and given as gifts.
Head and neck anatomyHuman skullBoneHuman skeleton

Question 2: Today, many corsets use ________ or Rigilene boning, although steel is still favoured for high-quality corsets.

Question 3: Plastic bones do not have the strength required for ________ and are known to warp and bend often in unflattering ways.
Clothing fetishFetish modelTightlacingFetish fashion

Question 4: Generally, the cinching/shaping properties of corsetry puts strain onto the ________ from which the corset is made.
Textile printingTextileWeavingSilk

Question 5: In corsetry, a bone is one of the rigid parts of a ________ that forms its frame and gives it rigidity.

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