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Bone (comics): Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Bone (comics) have?
Jeolla Province
with Joe Thomas

Question 2:
When was the Bone (comics)?
1991 – 2004

Question 3: 1993 ________ for Best Humor Publication[3]
Eisner AwardSan Diego Comic-Con InternationalHarvey AwardEagle Award (comics)

Question 4: Most of the series was self-published by Smith under his Cartoon Books imprint from 1991 to 2004, but for a short time was published by ________.
Awesome ComicsWildStormImage ComicsMarvel Comics

Question 5: On March 9, 2008, announced that ________ had bought the rights to the film.
Turner EntertainmentWarner Bros. AnimationWarner Bros.Warner Bros. Television

Question 6: (1995, Image Comics, 16 pages with wrap-around cover) This was a free promotional book given out at 1995 ________ and it also polybagged with Wizard magazine.
Alan MooreEisner AwardInkpot AwardSan Diego Comic-Con International

Question 7: "Phoney" Bone, goofy ________-smoking Smiley Bone, and everyman character Fone Boneā€”are run out of their hometown of Boneville after Phoney decides to run for mayor and built a balloon on top the head of a statue of Boneville's founder.
Fidel CastroUnited StatesCigarCuba

Question 8: In contrast, the Valley is depicted as somewhat medieval, judging by its lifestyle, use of a ________ system, weapons and modes of transportation, and Phoney persistently refers to the valley people as "yokels."
Open economyGift economyAnarchist economicsBarter

Question 9: The collection won the 2005 ________ for Best Graphic Album Reprint,[20] and was listed at #3 in Time magazine's "Best Comix of 2004".
Eisner AwardSan Diego Comic-Con InternationalEagle Award (comics)Harvey Award

Question 10: The deluxe hardcover featured gold embossed lettering on the cover, ________ edges, and a cloth ribbon bookmark.

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