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Question 1: Canadian designs moved to all-rocket armament by the early 1950s, followed closely by US designs such as the ________.
P-61 Black WidowF-89 ScorpionNorthrop XP-79F-15 Reporter

Question 2: The same was not true for the ________, who were facing larger, four-engined long-range bombers that proved to be extremely difficult to shoot down.
Royal Air ForceRomanian Air ForceLuftwaffeHellenic Air Force

Question 3: They also differ from night fighters, although often based on the same airframe, as they lack ________ and are intended only for day use.
X bandRadarWeather radarUltra high frequency

Question 4: A bomber destroyer is a former type of fighter aircraft dedicated to destroying enemy ________.
F-15E Strike EagleBomberB-1 LancerB-52 Stratofortress

Question 5: Even small fighters, like the ________, were able to carry enough firepower to effectively deal with German and Japanese bombers, generally two-engine planes.
Supermarine Spitfire (early Merlin powered variants)Supermarine SpitfireP-51 MustangSupermarine Seafire

Question 6: Developments in armament, notably the introduction of the 20 mm cannon, generally led to the disappearance of the bomber destroyer from most ________.
LuftwaffeRoyal Air ForceTurkish Air ForceAir force


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