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Question 1: The 17th century, called the 'Great Century' by the French, was anything but great for the inhabitants of the ________.
Batavian RepublicSouthern NetherlandsEighty Years' WarDutch Republic

Question 2: [7] The report of the ________ to the pope estimated the damage at 50 million.

Question 3: The bombardment of ________ by French troops of King Louis XIV on August 13, 14 and 15, 1695 and the resulting fire were together the most destructive event in the entire history of Brussels.

Question 4: Formerly having been allied with Austria and the Holy Roman Empire, he allied ________ with France in the conflict.

Question 5: The reconstruction of the ________ and the adjacent streets, long the political and economic centre of the city, was an object of particular care.
Small ring (Brussels)BrusselsWoluwe-Saint-PierreGrand Place

Question 6: Unlike the numerous transient Spanish nobles which had preceded him in the unprestigious post of Governor of the ________, Max Emanuel actually became quite involved in the assignment.
Dutch RepublicEighty Years' WarSouthern NetherlandsBatavian Republic

Question 7: The governor, ________, an ambitious and enlightened prince, envisioned using the reconstruction as an opportunity to modify the layout and architectural style of the city.
Charles V, Holy Roman EmperorPhilip V of SpainMaximilian II Emanuel, Elector of BavariaMaria Theresa of Austria

Question 8: ________, wooden canopies and upper floors projecting into the street had all been illegal before the fire, but unenforced.
JapanThatchingLondonUnited Kingdom

Question 9: [9] This can be compared to a purchase price of about 200 000 today,[10] which puts the total damage at a very rough modern value of between 3 and 5 billion ________.
Pound sterlingEuroEurozoneEuropean Central Bank

Question 10: The strategy was unsuccessful, and no military gain came of the bombardment, although ________'s reputation suffered for such a barbarous act.
Louis XIV of FranceLouis XIII of FranceLouis XV of FranceHouse of Bourbon


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