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Question 1: Improvised explosive materials are typically very unstable and subject to spontaneous, unintentional detonation triggered by a wide range of environmental effects ranging from impact and friction to ________ shock.
Electric chargeLorentz forceElectrostaticsMaxwell's equations

Question 2: observed in footage from the ________ where both the positive and negative effects on buildings are evident.
Operation CrossroadsTrinity (nuclear test)Nevada Test SitePacific Proving Grounds

Question 3: When bombs such as nuclear weapons are mounted on a powered platform, they are called ________.
Cruise missileActive radar homingAIM-120 AMRAAMMissile guidance

Question 4: Most commonly associated with ________ or chemical materials, dirty bombs seek to kill or injure and then to deny access to a contaminated area until a thorough clean-up can be accomplished.
Radioactive decayRadiationGamma rayIonizing radiation

Question 5: Atomic bombs are based on the principle of ________, that when a large atom splits it releases a massive amount of energy.
Nuclear fusionNuclear fissionUraniumPlutonium

Question 6: Even subtle motion, change in ________, or the nearby use of cellphones or radios, can trigger an unstable or remote-controlled device.
TemperatureThermodynamic temperatureLightningWater vapor

Question 7: In the case of ________ the bomb is often carried by the attacker on his or her body, or in a vehicle driven to the target.
Suicide attackTerrorismState-sponsored terrorismIslamic terrorism

Question 8: Other types of ________, such as dust or vapor explosions, do not cause craters or even have definitive blast seats.
Explosive materialSunExplosionEnergy

Question 9: A ________ employs chemical-based explosives to initiate a much larger nuclear-based explosion.
Nuclear proliferationNuclear weaponNuclear weapons testingNuclear arms race

Question 10: [3] As a point of reference, the overpressure at the ________ was estimated in the range of 4000 psi.
Terrorism in the United StatesOklahoma City bombingTimothy McVeighVirginia

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