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Question 1: A Bok globule is a dark cloud of dense dust and gas in which ________ sometimes takes place.
Star formationHerbig–Haro objectWhite dwarfSupernova

Question 2: [2] They contain molecular hydrogen (H2), ________ oxides and helium, and around 1% (by mass) of silicate dust.

Question 3: [4] This hypothesis was difficult to verify due to the observational difficulties of establishing what was happening inside a dense dark cloud that obscured all visible ________ emitted from within it.

Question 4: An analysis of near ________ observations published in 1990 confirmed that stars were being born inside Bok globules.
UltravioletElectromagnetic spectrumX-rayInfrared

Question 5: Reilly hypothesised that these clouds were 'similar to insect's cocoons' that were undergoing gravitational collapse to form new stars from which stars and ________ were born.
Star clusterOpen clusterStellar kinematicsGlobular cluster

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