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Boise State University: Quiz


Question 1: 2000 - football team wins second Big West title and ________ against UTEP
Bronco StadiumIndependence BowlLiberty BowlHumanitarian Bowl

Question 2:
How many staff does Boise State University have?
73 full time and 12 part time
519 full-time, 444 part-time
1,967 full-time, 802 part-time
21 full time, 16 part time

Question 3:
When was Boise State University established?
as Peru State Teachers College 1949
1971 - Constituent College of University of London
1923 in Old Town, moved to College Road in 2009.
1932 - Episcopal College

Question 4:
What state is Boise State University associated with?

Question 5:
What are the colours of the Boise State University?
Green and Gold
Crimson and Gold
Blue & White
Blue u2588 & Orange u2588

Question 6: On January 11, 2007, head coach ________ was awarded the Paul "Bear" Bryant Award as the nation's best head coach during the 2006 season.
Chris PetersenHouston NuttDan Hawkins (American football)2006 Boise State Broncos football team

Question 7:
What type is thing is Boise State University?

Question 8:
Where does Boise State University come from?

Question 9:
What is the street address of Boise State University?

Question 10:
  • ________ is dropped as a varsity sport in June.
    SoftballTown ballBaseballBaseball awards


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