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Bohuslän: Quiz


Question 1: The ________ serve no administrative function.
JämtlandProvinces of SwedenHallandLapland (Sweden)

Question 2: ________ (the north-western part of the city lies on Hisingen, and part of this area is in Bohuslän)
GothenburgBoråsTrollhättanGothenburg Municipality

Question 3: Instead, that function is served by the ________.
Counties of SwedenRegions of FinlandAdministrative divisions of UkraineAutonomous communities of Spain

Question 4: During the ________ and the Viking Age, the area was part of Viken, and was actually known as two entities: Ranrike in the north and Elfsyssel in the south.
Germanic peoplesEarly Middle AgesByzantine EmpireMigration period

Question 5: It was for a period also a free port (porto franco), with a free religious practice and, as such, home to the only ________ in Sweden at the time.
SynagogueAshkenazi JewsSpanish and Portuguese JewsSephardi Jews

Question 6: ________ were sub-divisions of the Swedish provinces until early 20th century.
MunicipalityHundred (county subdivision)ShireCounty borough

Question 7: Bohuslän was granted its arms at the time of the funeral for ________ in 1660, it was identical to the arms of the Town of Kungälv.
Charles XII of SwedenChristina of SwedenCharles XI of SwedenCharles X Gustav of Sweden

Question 8: It has been claimed that King ________ made it part of the unified Norway in about 872, but contemporary sources give rise to doubt that Harald actually ever held the Viken area properly.
Eric BloodaxeOlaf I of NorwayHarald I of NorwayCnut the Great

Question 9: Sweden's only ________ the Gullmaren, is situated in the province near the town Lysekil.
Sound (geography)NorwayFjordDenmark

Question 10: The rock carvings at Tanum made 2,500 to 3,000 years ago have been entered as a site in the ________ World heritage program.
UNICEFUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUNESCOSpecial Court for Sierra Leone


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