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Boglin: Quiz


Question 1: Boglins were also characterised by their varying "________" and unique form, which entailed a pair of arms, no legs, and a flatish body.
Biological classificationLifeSpeciesGenus

Question 2: The Clumsies all of the models were positioned as involved in a different kind of accident or misfortune, Tell has an apple core on his head and an arrow through his ears, a reference to ________.
LucerneOld Swiss ConfederacyWilliam TellSwitzerland

Question 3: The Medievals living in the attic, the tribe were all medieval themed, mostly dressed as Knights, though Messenger Murg is clearly styled after ________.
Robin HoodMaid MarianFriar TuckWill Scarlet

Question 4: Boglins were manufactured by a number of companies including Action GT and Ideal and distributed by ________.
MattelUno (card game)Target CorporationNintendo

Question 5: The Boglins were part of the "monster creatures" craze during the late nineteen eighties, which included Ghoulies, Critters, ________, and Gremlins.
GhostbustersGhostbusters IIGhostbusters (song)Ghostbusters (franchise)

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