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Question 1: In 1984, a Boeing 720 that was flown by remote control was intentionally crashed at Edwards AFB as a part of the FAA and NASA ________ program.
Dryden Flight Research CenterControlled Impact DemonstrationGlobal Positioning SystemMicrowave landing system

Question 2: On January 25, 1990, ________ crashed after running out of fuel in Long Island, New York.
Korean Air Lines Flight 007British Airways Flight 5390Avianca Flight 52Swissair Flight 111

Question 3: On January 3, 1987, Varig Flight 797 crashed when making a return to ________, Côte d'Ivoire after one of its engines failed.

Question 4: ________ operated the last Boeing 720 in operation in the United States, flying out of Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix.
Chevron CorporationHoneywellGeneral ElectricIBM

Question 5:
What is Boeing 707's current status?
Munro Top
In service

Question 6:
How many Boeing 707s have been built?

Question 7: Boeing already had considerable experience with this on the B-47 and B-52, and had developed the yaw damper system on the B-47 that would be applied to later ________ configurations like the 707.
B-52 StratofortressSwept wingF-104 StarfighterFighter aircraft

Question 8:
Which of the following are related to Boeing 707?
* Boeing 707n* KC-135 Stratotankern* Boeing E-767
* Boeing 367-80n* KC-135 Stratotankern* Boeing 727n* Boeing 737
* Boeing C-22n* Boeing 707n* Boeing 737
* MBB/Kawasaki BK 117n* Eurocopter EC 135 n* Eurocopter EC 145

Question 9: On April 20, 1978, Korean Air Lines Flight 902 was hit by a missile fired from a Soviet ________ interceptors after it had entered Soviet airspace.
Sukhoi Su-24Sukhoi Su-15Sukhoi Su-17Sukhoi Su-25

Question 10:
What type is thing is Boeing 707?
Four-engined airliner
Light airliner and mailplane
10-Passenger Airliner

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