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Question 1: ________ dosing is also expressed in terms of BSA for calculating maintenance doses or to compare high dose use with maintenance requirement.
GlucocorticoidCorticosteroidImmunosuppressive drugMineralocorticoid

Question 2: The ________ uses a somewhat modified form of the BSA;
Body mass indexOverweightObesityMalnutrition

Question 3: Renal clearance is usually divided by the BSA to gain an appreciation of the true required ________ (GFR);
Renal physiologyNephronRenal functionAnion gap

Question 4: The cardiac index is a measure of ________ divided by the BSA, giving a better approximation of the required cardiac output;
Cardiac outputFetal circulationBlood pressureCirculatory system

Question 5: In physiology and ________, the body surface area (BSA) is the measured or calculated surface of a human body.
SurgeryMedicineSpecialty (medicine)Physician

Question 6: ________ is often dosed according to the patient's BSA.
ChemotherapyAntineoplasticCancer immunotherapyATC code L


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