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Body of Christ: Quiz


Question 1: At the same time, it holds that all that can be examined either directly or by scientific investigation - what in ________ are called the "accidents" (as opposed to the reality) - remains quite unchanged.
PhilosophyDavid HumeAristotlePolitical philosophy

Question 2: This term was used as the first words, and so as the title, of the encyclical Mystici Corporis Christi of ________.
Pope John Paul IIPope Pius XIIPope Paul VIPope Benedict XVI

Question 3: Overview of Devotions
Holy Face
Sacred Heart
Divine Mercy
Holy Name
Acts of Reparation
Holy Wounds
Rosary of Holy Wounds
Stations of the Cross
Precious Blood
Infant of Prague
TransubstantiationCatholic ChurchEucharistic adorationMonstrance

Question 4: While teaching that in the bread consecrated in the ________ there is absolutely no change open to the senses or to scientific investigation, the Catholic Church has always believed that the reality of the bread is changed into that of the body of Christ.
TransubstantiationEucharistic theologyEucharistSacramental bread

Question 5: In the Roman Catholic tradition, the term "Body of Christ" refers not only to the body of Christ in spiritual realm, but also to two distinct though related things: the Church and reality of the transubstantiated bread of the ________.
Eucharistic theologySacramental breadMass (liturgy)Eucharist

Question 6: It has authoritatively used the term "________" to describe this change, as in The Longer Catechism of The Orthodox, Catholic, Eastern Church[6] and in the decrees of the 1672 Synod of Jerusalem.
Roman Catholic theologyCatholic ChurchSummorum PontificumTransubstantiation

Question 7: Thus, in the ________, the priest or other minister who gives the consecrated host to a communicant says: "The body of Christ", indicating what is held to be the reality of what is given.
Summorum PontificumRoman RiteCatholic ChurchGregorian chant

Question 8: "Body of Christ" is used by some Protestants, such as ________, to collectively describe the believers in Christ.
BaptistChristian denominationChristianityEcumenism

Question 9: This is based on several passages in the ________, including Romans 12:5,1 Corinthians 12:12-27, Ephesians 3:6 and 5:23, Colossians 1:18 and Colossians 1:24.
Biblical canonChristianity and JudaismBibleNevi'im

Question 10: The ________ also believes that the Eucharistic elements of bread and wine become the actual Body and Blood of Christ.
Eastern ChristianityChristianityEast–West SchismOrthodox Church


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