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Body louse: Quiz


Question 1: They are however, also vectors (transmitters) of other diseases such as ________ and louse-borne relapsing fever.
CholeraPlague (disease)Typhoid feverEpidemic typhus

Question 2: The condition of being infested with ________, body lice, or pubic lice is known as pediculosis.
PhthiriasisHead-louse infestationScabiesMyiasis

Question 3: Pediculus humanus corporis/Pediculus humanus capitis (Pediculosis, ________)
PhthiriasisHead-louse infestationMyiasisScabies

Question 4: [4] If ________ is not available, louse-infested clothes and bedding should be burned on an open fire.

Question 5: Pediculus humanus humanus (the body louse) is indistinguishable in appearance from Pediculus humanus capitis (the ________) and under laboratory conditions they will interbreed.
Crab louseArthropodHead louseInsect

Question 6: Where this is not practical or possible, powder dusting with 10% ________, 1% malathion or 1% permethrin is also effective.


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