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Body image: Quiz


Question 1: From the point of view of ________, the French child psychoanalyst Francoise Dolto has developed a theory concerning the unconscious body image.
Analytical psychologySigmund FreudPsychoanalysisPsychotherapy

Question 2: [3] Similar findings associated with body image were found by an ________ Senate Standing Committee report on the sexualization of children in the media.
Government of AustraliaConstitution of AustraliaStates and territories of AustraliaParliament of Australia

Question 3: A 2007 report by the ________ found that a culture-wide sexualization[1] of girls (and women)[2] was contributing to increased female anxiety associated with body image.
Psychological BulletinGeorge Armitage MillerAmerican Psychological AssociationPsychological Review

Question 4: Within the ________ there have recently been popular debates focusing on how Size Zero models can negatively influence young people into feeling insecure about their own body image.
InternetMass mediaPublishingNews media

Question 5: The desire for additional muscle has been linked to many men's concepts about ________.
International Men's DayMen's rightsMasculismMasculinity

Question 6: Media however, is generally quick to denounce celebrities endorsing fad diets, including popstars who describe girls who are not under a peer pressurized size, a "social ________".
EuthanasiaDeath and cultureSuicideCremation

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