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Question 1: In ________, a process known as enterocoelus happens: the mesoderm buds from the walls of the archenteron and hollows to become the coelomic cavities.

Question 2: Most bilateral animals, including all the ________, are coelomates.

Question 3: The coelom was apparently lost or reduced as a result of mutations in certain types of ________ that affected early development.

Question 4:
  • diffusion and ________ circulate nutrients and waste products throughout the body.
    Osmotic pressureOsmosisOsmoregulationTonicity

Question 5: A coelom is a cavity lined by an ________ derived from mesoderm.
MicrovillusHistologyStratified squamous epitheliumEpithelium

Question 6: ________ and mollusks have a reduced (but still true) coelom.

Question 7: However, the term usually refers to the space, located between an ________’s outer covering (epidermis) and the outer lining of the gut cavity, where internal organs develop.

Question 8: Acoelomate animals, like ________, have no body cavity at all.

Question 9: Their principal body cavity is the hemocoel of an ________.
Fetal circulationMyocardial infarctionHeartCirculatory system


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