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Bodo language: Quiz


Question 1: The language is one of the official languages of the Indian state of ________, and is one of 22 scheduled languages given a special constitutional status in India.
West BengalAssamTripuraGuwahati

Question 2: Currently, the Bodo language serves as a medium of instruction up to the secondary level and an associated official language in the state of ________.
AssamWest BengalTripuraIndia

Question 3: It is also a very closely related language of ________ spoken in Tripura.
Bengali languageSanskritBodo languageKokborok language

Question 4: Bodo language, a branch of the ________ family of languages, is a language of the Bodo group under the Assam-Burmese group of languages.
Tibeto-Burman languagesSino-Tibetan languagesDravidian languagesBurushaski

Question 5: The language is officially written using the ________, although it also has a long history of using the Roman script.
Malayalam scriptGujarati scriptDevanagariBrāhmī script

Question 6: It is closely related to the Dimasa language of ________ and the Garo language of Meghalaya.
West BengalAssamTripuraIndia

Question 7: Bodo (pronounced [bɔɽo]) is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken by the Bodo people of north-eastern ________ and Nepal.
IndiaLok SabhaResearch and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned Movement

Question 8: The language has attained a position of pride with the opening of the Post-Graduate course in Bodo language and literature in the University of ________ in 1996.
GuwahatiAssamJorhatLakhimpur district


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