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Bocksten Man: Quiz


Question 1: In January 2006 a professor and a doctor at Sahlgrenska University Hospital performed an "operation" on a plastic model of the body, based on ________ of the body.
Magnetic resonance imagingX-ray computed tomographyMedical radiographyCT pulmonary angiogram

Question 2: A bit of the cloth was ________ in the late 1980s.
Radiometric datingGeologic time scaleIsotope geochemistryRadiocarbon dating

Question 3: Based on the teeth, Gunnar Johansson (________ odontologist) has concluded that the man was between 25 and 35 years old when he died.
Forensic entomologyForensic scienceCSI effectForensic anthropology

Question 4: The Bocksten Man is the remains of a medieval male body found in a bog in Varberg Municipality, ________.

Question 5: In the 1880s a farm called Bocksten was established close to the ________ which from then on was regularly drained to facilitate harrowing in order to get peat.
IrelandEnglandBogUnited Kingdom

Question 6: The body was found June 22, 1936 (the day before ________ eve) by eleven year old Thure G.


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