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Bobby Robson: Quiz


Question 1:
What is Bobby Robson also known as?
Robson, Sir Bobby
Plummer, Arthur Christopher Orme
Albrecht, Hardie Hunter
Peu00F1a y Peu00F1a, Josu00E9 Manuel de la

Question 2: [117][118] Following the brain surgery, ________ reported that Robson had had an adverse reaction that had caused slight swelling of the brain, which had in turn caused the loss of feeling in his left side.
British Sky BroadcastingSky Sports NewsSky NewsSky3

Question 3:
What is the full name of Bobby Robson?
Gary Robson
Robson De Sousa Vasconcelos Goes
John Hardy Robson
Robert William Robson

Question 4: He discovered that he had been sacked, not from the club itself, but from the headline "Robson sacked" on an ________ placard outside Putney station.
Evening StandardMetro (Associated Metro Limited)City A.M.London Lite

Question 5:
In what city was Bobby Robson born?

Question 6:
When did Bobby Robson die?

Question 7:

Question 8: The club President, Jose Sousa Cintra, cited the club's early exit from the ________ at the hands of Casino Salzburg as the reason for his dismissal.
2010 UEFA Europa League FinalAFC AjaxUEFA Europa League2009–10 UEFA Europa League

Question 9:
When was Bobby Robson born?

Question 10: He spent the day working at the ________ site and trained three nights a week at Fulham.
City of LondonFestival of BritainLondonCity of Westminster

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