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Bluto: Quiz


Question 1: In the animated cartoons, Popeye's foe is almost always Bluto, functioning in some capacity—fellow sailor, generic thug, ________ hypnotist, sheik, lecherous instructor, etc.
CarnivalMaltaSpainMardi Gras

Question 2: In some cartoons it was directly shown that, unlike Popeye, Bluto hates ________ (which in Popeye usually gives people inhuman strength), which is the primary reason he will not use it against Popeye.
Brussels sproutBroccoliSpinachAmaranth

Question 3: Beck also supplied the voice for Brutus in the early ________.

Question 4: Today, Bluto is voiced by ________ (also voices Popeye) in Commercials.
Jim CummingsCartoon All-Stars to the RescuePooh's Heffalump MovieThe Tigger Movie

Question 5: In another episode, realizing spinach is the source of Popeye's super strength, Bluto engages in sabotage by stealing all of Popeye's spinach with a ________ and taking it to the city dump (which had a convenient sign that read "Dump Spinach Here").
Internal combustion engineForklift truckGasolineCompressed natural gas

Question 6: Bluto may also be the inspiration behind John Belushi's character in ________.
National Lampoon's Animal HouseNational Lampoon's Pledge This!Going the Distance (2004 film)National Lampoon (magazine)

Question 7: Bluto appears in the Robot Chicken episode "The Sack" voiced by ________.
Dave CoulierEmmanuel LewisMC HammerBronson Pinchot

Question 8: ________ adapted him the next year (1933), to be the recurring villain in their theatrical Popeye animated cartoon series.
Superman (1940s cartoons)Betty BoopFleischer StudiosMax Fleischer

Question 9: However, in Twisker Pitcher Bluto eats spinach to win a ________ game against Popeye.
BaseballBaseball awardsSoftballTown ball

Question 10: Bluto is the main antagonist in the Popeye-themed ride Popeye and Bluto's Bilge-Rat Barges, found at Universal Islands of Adventure in Orlando, ________.
MassachusettsNew JerseyNorth CarolinaFlorida

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