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Blues-rock: Quiz


Question 1: Music critic Piero Scaruffi argues that the blues-rock genre was defined when John Mayall released the album ________ in 1966, which included guitarist Eric Clapton.
Cream (band)Graham BondJohn Mayall & the BluesbreakersJack Bruce

Question 2: Keyboard instruments such as the piano and ________ are also occasionally used.
Hammond organClonewheel organProgressive rockOrgan trio

Question 3: Blues-rock is a hybrid musical genre combining bluesy improvisations over the ________ and extended boogie jams with rock and roll styles.
Andalusian cadenceTwelve-bar bluesChord progressionCadence (music)

Question 4: The style began to develop in the mid-1960s in ________ and the United States, as what Piero Scaruffi called, a "genre of rhythm'n'blues played by white European musicians".
EnglandScotlandUnited KingdomWales

Question 5: [4] By the "early '70s, the lines between blues-rock and ________ were barely visible",[4] as bands began recording rock-style albums.
Heavy metal musicHard rockPunk rockRock music

Question 6: During this period the band covered songs from ________, Sonny Boy Williamson, and Mose Allison.
Rock and rollBo DiddleyBluesEric Clapton

Question 7: Other blues-rock musicians influential on the scene in the 1970s included Rory Gallagher and ________.
Procol HarumMark BrzezickiGary BrookerRobin Trower

Question 8: The core of the blues rock sound is created by the electric guitar, ________ and drum kit.
Steel-string acoustic guitarBass guitarJazz guitarLead guitar

Question 9: Beginning in the early 1970s, American bands such as ________ fused blues with a hard rock edge.
Aerosmith singles discographyAerosmith discographyAerosmithAerosmith videography

Question 10: The Australian band ________ were also influenced by blues rock.
Family JewelsBon ScottAC/DC discographyAC/DC


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