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Question 1: [24] Many seminal blues artists such as ________ or Skip James had several religious songs or spirituals in their repertoire.
Howlin' WolfRobert Johnson (musician)Son HouseCharlie Patton

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Blues have?
9th At Pine
Member of Parliament for Edinburgh West
with Joe Thomas
"The Memphis Blues"

Question 3:
What format does Blues follow?

Question 4: Pianist ________ began his career in Memphis, but his distinct style was smoother and had some swing elements.
Willie DixonBluesBig Bill BroonzyMemphis Slim

Question 5: Usually jazz had harmonic structures stemming from ________, whereas blues had blues forms such as the 12-bar blues.
Concert bandBrass band (British style)Brass bandBrass instrument

Question 6: Spiritual singing developed because African-American communities could gather for mass or worship gatherings, which were called ________.
Hugh BourneChristianityCamp meetingMethodism

Question 7:
Who played Charlie the movie Blues?
Marcus Folmar
Marcus Folmar
Steve Connell
Peter Gail

Question 8: Dorsey helped to popularize ________.
Progressive Southern gospelSouthern GospelUrban contemporary gospelGospel music

Question 9: In the late 1950s, a new blues style emerged on Chicago's West Side pioneered by Magic Sam, ________ and Otis Rush on Cobra Records.
Eric ClaptonMuddy WatersJimi HendrixBuddy Guy

Question 10:
Who played Head the movie Blues?
Ty Hodges
Marcus Folmar
Henry G. Sanders
Steve Connell

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