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Blue Dog Coalition: Quiz


Question 1: Max Sandlin (TX-1) (defeated by Republican Louie Gohmert following ________)
2003 Texas redistrictingTexas's 23rd congressional districtTexas's 22nd congressional districtTexas's 32nd congressional district

Question 2: ________ (LA-3), Blue Dog Co-Chair for Communications
David VitterRodney AlexanderJoseph CaoCharlie Melancon

Question 3: ________ (FL-16) (defeated by Republican Tom Rooney in 2008)
Palm Beach County, FloridaFlorida's 16th congressional districtMark FoleyTim Mahoney

Question 4: Some moderate or conservative Democrats, such as Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords of ________, are members of both the Blue Dog Coalition and the New Democratic Coalition.

Question 5: As a caucus, however, the group has never agreed on or taken a position on these issues, and many members favor more ________ positions.
Liberalism worldwideEuropean Liberal Democrat and Reform PartySocial liberalismLiberalism

Question 6: They have supported welfare reduction as well as the Republican-backed ________.
Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act109th United States CongressIowaMoney Management International

Question 7: Members of the New Democrat Coalition, an affiliate of the ________ (DLC), take moderate or liberal positions on social issues[citation needed] and moderate positions on economic issues and trade.
Bill ClintonDemocratic Leadership CouncilJoe LiebermanDemocratic Party (United States)

Question 8: Online fundraising efforts by liberal ________ in 2004 named Carson's campaign a top national priority.
Political blogBlog softwarePermalinkBlog

Question 9: ________ (NC-11), Blue Dog Whip
Archie ManningKen StablerHeath ShulerHarry Gilmer

Question 10: ________ (OK-2) (retired from the House to run for the Senate in 2004, losing to Republican Tom Coburn)
Frank Lucas (politician)Jim InhofeJohn A. SullivanBrad Carson


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