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Question 1: The airtightness of a building is useful knowledge when trying to increase ________ or decrease indoor air pollution, or control building pressures.
Sustainable transportEnergy conservationSustainable energyBiofuel

Question 2: A blower door consists of a calibrated fan for measuring an airflow rate, and a pressure-sensing device to measure the ________ created by the fan flow.
WindAtmospheric pressurePrecipitation (meteorology)Lightning

Question 3: Testing buildings for compliance with standards for energy efficiency, such as those by the ________ (LEED) and Passive House/Passivhaus.
United StatesGreen buildingLeadership in Energy and Environmental DesignJapan

Question 4: Leakage area estimates are a useful way to visualize the cumulative size of all ________ or holes in the building enclosure.
LiquidHeat exchangerLeakChemical plant

Question 5: the air change rate under natural ________ conditions).


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