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Question 1: However, solid evidence for its practice exists in the jade and ceramic replicas of stingray spines and shark teeth as well as representations of such paraphernalia on monuments and ________[4] and in iconography.
SteleMegalithMing DynastyBritish Museum

Question 2: When performed by ruling ________, the act of bloodletting was crucial to the maintenance of sociocultural and political structure.
Social classEliteRacismElitism

Question 3: The second is the central focus of their mythology on human ________, which signified life among the Maya.
Red blood cellPlateletBlood plasmaBlood

Question 4: Bloodletting was the ritualized self-cutting or piercing of an individual’s body that served a number of ideological and ________ functions within ancient Mesoamerican societies, in particular the Maya.
FamilySlaveryCultureHuman rights

Question 5: Piercing was accomplished using ________ prismatic blades, stingray spines, or shark's teeth.

Question 6: This was done so as to demonstrate the connection the person performing the autosacrifice had with the ________ sphere and, as such, a method used to maintain political power by legitimizing their prominent social, political, and/or ideological position.
SacredProtestant ReformationAnglicanismProtestantism

Question 7: Bloodletting was performed by piercing a soft body part, generally the ________ or penis, and scattering the blood or collecting it on paper, which was subsequently burned.
TongueDigestionHuman pharynxSensory system

Question 8: In front of her, her husband and the ruler of ________, Shield Jaguar, is shown holding a torch.

Question 9: At its core, sacrifice symbolized the renewal of ________ energy and, in doing so, the continuation of life.

Question 10: [9] One of the first to recognise the distinction was Bishop ________ in a 1566 manuscript:
Yuri KnorozovDiego de LandaCharles Étienne Brasseur de BourbourgMaya script

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