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Blood transfusion: Quiz


Question 1: The key importance of the Rh group is its role in ________.
Blood typeNeonatal jaundiceHemolytic disease of the newbornRh disease

Question 2: Oswald Hope Robertson, a medical researcher and U.S. Army officer, is generally credited with establishing the first blood bank while serving in ________ during World War I.
United KingdomCanadaItalyFrance

Question 3: Red cells, plasma and platelets can also be donated individually via a more complex process called ________.
ApheresisCoombs testBloodBlood donation

Question 4: Stetson discovered the ________, which was found to be the cause of the majority of transfusion reactions up to that time.
Duffy antigen systemABO blood group systemBlood typeRh blood group system

Question 5: News of the Soviet experience traveled to America, where in 1937 Bernard Fantus, director of therapeutics at the Cook County Hospital in ________, established the first hospital blood bank in the United States.
ChicagoBurr Ridge, IllinoisBlue Island, IllinoisElmhurst, Illinois

Question 6: As of 2006, the risk of acquiring hepatitis B via blood transfusion in the United States is about 1 in 250,000 units transfused, and the risk of acquiring ________ or hepatitis C in the U.S.
HIVSafe sexHIV and AIDS misconceptionsAIDS

Question 7: [2] He transfused the blood of a ________ into a 15-year old boy, who survived the transfusion.
Muslim Agricultural RevolutionAgricultureDomestic sheepGoat

Question 8: Blood substitutes could make transfusions more readily available in ________ and in pre-hospital EMS care.
Physician assistantPhysicianGeneral practitionerEmergency medicine

Question 9: Following Bogdanov's lead, the ________ set up a national system of blood banks in the 1930s.
Soviet UnionJoseph StalinRussiaEast Germany

Question 10: Hemolytic reactions include chills, headache, backache, ________, cyanosis, chest pain, tachycardia and hypotension.
PleurisyShortness of breathCoughHemoptysis


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