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Question 1: Bloodsport includes coursing or beagling, combat sports such as ________, or other activities.
ChickenUnited StatesCockfightRooster

Question 2: ________ and some animal welfare activists have sought to extend the term blood sport, especially as a pejorative, to a variety of activities not covered by the original use of the term[1].
Animal testingAnimal rightsAnimal liberation movementPeter Singer

Question 3: Later, the term seems to have been applied to various kinds of baiting and forced combat: bull-baiting, ________, cockfighting and later developments such as dog fighting and rat-baiting.
Blood sportBadger-baitingBear-baitingDog-baiting

Question 4: Bloodsport or blood sport is any ________ or entertainment that involves violence against animals.
Sports clubOlympic GamesSportIreland

Question 5: ________ (UK)
Fox hunting legislationLeague Against Cruel SportsHunting Act 2004Fox hunting

Question 6: Certain blood sports remain legal under varying degrees of control in certain locations (e.g., ________ and cockfighting) but have declined in popularity almost everywhere else.

Question 7: Before firearms a hunter using ________ or a spear might also wound an animal, which would then be chased and perhaps killed at close range, as in medieval boar hunting.
ArcheryArrowheadEnglish longbowArrow

Question 8: In the ________, social reformers began a vocal opposition to such activities, claiming grounds of ethics, morality and animal welfare.
Georgian eraVictorian eraEnglandUnited Kingdom

Question 9: According to the ________, the earliest use of the term is in reference to mounted hunting, where the quarry would be actively chased, as in fox hunting or hare coursing.
James Murray (lexicographer)Oxford English DictionaryUnited KingdomAmerican and British English spelling differences

Question 10: Its usage to describe modern ________ is a matter of dispute.
RaccoonHuntingGray WolfRed Fox

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