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Question 1: A large project was begun in August of the year 1940 to collect blood in ________ hospitals for the export of plasma to Britain.
BrooklynManhattanNew York metropolitan areaNew York City

Question 2: Drew argued that there was no racial difference in human blood and that the policy would lead to needless ________ as soldiers and sailors were required to wait for "same race" blood.
Death and cultureBurialImmortalityDeath

Question 3: [3] This is particularly important for ________ and hemophilia, but these have been mostly replaced by more specific Factor VIII concentrates in the developed world and true FFP is rarely used for that indication.
PlasminFactor XFactor VIIIAntithrombin

Question 4: His notable contribution at this time was to transform the test tube methods of many blood researchers, including himself, into the first successful ________ techniques.
Mass productionAssembly lineFactoryIndustrial Revolution

Question 5: ________ is a medical therapy that involves blood plasma extraction, treatment, and reintegration.
Blood transfusionPlateletpheresisPlasmapheresisBlood donation

Question 6: Nonetheless, the decision was made to develop a ________ plasma package for the armed forces as it would reduce breakage and make the transportation, packaging, and storage much simpler.
DistillationDryingSublimation (chemistry)Filtration

Question 7: Drew was appointed ________ supervisor of the "Plasma for Britain" project.
MedicinePhysicianSpecialty (medicine)Surgery

Question 8: Blood serum is blood plasma without ________ or the other clotting factors (i.e., whole blood minus both the cells and the clotting factors).

Question 9: The resulting ________-Navy dried plasma package came in two tin cans containing 400 cc bottles.
Army historyArmyField armyDivision (military)

Question 10: "Fresh frozen plasma" (FFP) is prepared from a single unit of blood or by ________, drawn from a single person.
Coombs testBlood donationApheresisPlatelet

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