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Question 1: Blister beetles are ________ (Coleoptera) of the family Meloidae, so called for their defensive secretion of a blistering agent, cantharidin.

Question 2: The adults sometimes feed on flowers and leaves of plants of such diverse families like Amaranthaceae, ________, Fabaceae, and Solanaceae.
Flowering plantSenecio vulgarisAsteraceaeRagweed

Question 3: Cantharidin is used medically to remove warts[2] and is collected for this purpose from species of the genera Mylabris and Lytta, especially ________, better known as "Spanish fly".
Blister beetleSpanish flyCloveAnise

Question 4: Many are conspicuous and some ________ colored, announcing their toxicity to would-be predators.
AposematismPredationMimicryBatesian mimicry

Question 5: There are approximately 7,500 known ________ worldwide.
LifeBiological classificationEvolutionSpecies

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