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Question 1: She can also focus her ability into short, transparent, crystal-like ________, which teleport whatever persons or objects they touch.

Question 2: In the ________ storyline, Professor X was killed years before he ever formed the X-Men.
Decimation (comics)House of MAge of ApocalypseDeadpool

Question 3: However, Sabretooth and Weapon X, members of the resistance force, the ________, raided Beast's laboratories and rescued Blink.
Mystique (comics)X-MenSentinel (comics)Alpha Flight

Question 4: Blink was going to bury Mimic in the Panoptichron desert until ________ suggested that she check with Mimic's family on burial wishes.
Hyperion (comics)Squadron Supreme (Supreme Power)Power PrincessSquadron Supreme

Question 5: When Clarice was four, the Fergusons moved to Miami, ________, in the United States.
FloridaMassachusettsNew JerseyNorth Carolina

Question 6: Eventually, the X-Men encountered the ________ X-Man Bishop, who set a course of events that prevented the death of Professor X, eliminating the Age of Apocalypse reality.
SpacetimeTime travelCausalityFuture

Question 7: As the events of the ________ warped reality, the Exiles found themselves in the midst of it (since they had decided to drop Beak back home).
The New Avengers (comics)Stan LeeCivil War (comics)House of M

Question 8: Originally a character in the Phalanx Covenant crossover, Blink transitioned from throwaway character to popular comic book hero in the ________ alternate reality event, and later series Exiles.
House of MDecimation (comics)Age of ApocalypseX-Men

Question 9: In the Apocalypse Vs Dracula mini series written by Frank Tieri, it is revealed that in London, 1897 Apocalypse's genetic descendants called the ________ had a member called Frederick Slade.
Clan AkkabaNamorAlpha FlightAcolytes (comics)

Question 10: However, the Timebroker lied and instead of sending her to her home dimension, she was ________ in a previous reality the team had visited.

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