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Blind River, Ontario: Quiz


Question 1: The town had a population of 3,780 in the ________.
InuitCanada 2001 CensusCanada 2006 CensusCanada 1996 Census

Question 2: Canadian singer ________ makes reference to Blind River in his song "Long May You Run", a story about the demise of his 1948 Buick Roadmaster hearse.
Neil Young discographyDecade (Neil Young album)Neil YoungBuffalo Springfield

Question 3: The ________ was named after the nearby Blind River.
BoroughCityIndependent cityTown

Question 4: This uranium refinery is owned and operated by the Cameco Corporation which processes uranium concentrates from all over the world into ________.
Uranium trioxideUranium hexafluorideHydrogen peroxideUranium dioxide

Question 5: Its main businesses are tourism, fishing, logging, and ________ refining.

Question 6: A fur trading post was established by the ________ in 1789 at the mouth of the Mississagi River.
Grey NunsNorth West CompanyGolden Square Mile1976 Summer Olympics

Question 7: French ________ discovered the North Channel and made it a renowned voyageur route.
RussiaNorthwest PassageExplorationUnited States

Question 8: The protected ________ of the east arm of the Blind River as well as the deep water offshore offered a good location for the mill.
EstuaryCoral reefLagoonTide pool

Question 9: The industry was spurred by a ________ discovery in the mid 1800s in Bruce Mines.

Question 10: In 1983 a uranium ________ was built just west of Blind River.
SugarcanePetroleumRefineryOil refinery


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