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Question 1: The main use of wood pulp is to make ________ where whiteness (similar to but not exactly the same as "brightness") is an important characteristic.
PaperPapermakingPulp (paper)Fourdrinier machine

Question 2: In fact some relevant analysis in field have been pointing out that mills which previously ran with TCF and migrated to ECF have reduced significantly their ________ air emissions.
OzoneNitrogen oxideNitric oxideNitrogen

Question 3: Lignin is the main source of color in pulp due to the presence of a variety of chromophores naturally present in the wood or created in the ________.
Pulp (paper)Pulp millKraft processSulfite process

Question 4: Increased public awareness of environmental issues, as evidenced by the formation of organizations like ________, influenced the pulping industry and governments to address the release of these materials into the environment[23] .
Convention on Biological DiversityGreenpeaceBiofuelOverfishing

Question 5: These breakdown products are generally soluble in water, especially if the pH is greater than 7 (many of the products are ________).
Carboxylic acidAlcoholAlkaneEster

Question 6: Bleaching with chlorine produced large amounts of ________ compounds, including dioxins[22].
OrganochlorideHalocarbonOrganotinOrganolithium reagent

Question 7: ________ compounds, particularly those of iron, manganese and copper, which have multiple oxidation states, facilitate many radical reactions and impact oxygen delignification.
Periodic tableActinoidTransition metalNoble gas

Question 8: Dithionite reacts with ________, so efficient use of dithionite requires that oxygen exposure be minimized during its use.

Question 9: The use of chelating agents like ________ to remove some of these metal ions from the pulp prior to adding peroxide allows the peroxide to be used more efficiently.

Question 10: The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide is ________ by transition metals, and iron, manganese and copper are of particular importance in pulp bleaching.


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