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Blau gas: Quiz


Question 1: Blaugas contains about 50% olefins (37% methane and other ________), 6% hydrogen and air.

Question 2: Blau gas (German: Blaugas) was an artificial ________ similar to propane named after its inventor, Dr.
CandleKerosene lampGas lightingOil lamp

Question 3: Blau gas was most famous, however, as the buoyancy compensating fuel for the ________[3] It had several advantages over liquid fuels such as gasoline.
LZ 130 Graf ZeppelinUSS Los Angeles (ZR-3)LZ 127 Graf ZeppelinLZ 129 Hindenburg

Question 4: Blau gas is not blue but has a rather water like color, the gas was named after its inventor similar to diesel which is named after ________.
Karl BenzDiesel engineRudolf DieselDiesel fuel

Question 5: It was non-explosive, and because it weighed approximately the same as ________, burning it and replacing its volume with air did not lighten the airship—eliminating the need to adjust buoyancy or ballast in-flight.
NatureHistory of the EarthEarthAtmosphere of Earth

Question 6: Blau gas was burned for lighting and heating; a less pure form known as Pintsch gas fueled ________ lights and stoves in the late 19th and early 20th century.
Passenger car (rail)TrainFreight rail transportRailroad car

Question 7: It was stored in steel cylinders for shipment and had the advantage that it possessed the highest specific energy from all artificially produced gases and unlike coal gas it was free from ________.
Nitrous oxideHydrogen sulfideNitric oxideCarbon monoxide

Question 8: It was manufactured by decomposing ________ in retorts by heat, and compressing the resulting naphtha until it liquefied.
BeeswaxPetroleum jellyMineral oilWax


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