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Blastoid: Quiz


Question 1: They originated, along with many other echinoderm classes, in the Ordovician period and reached their greatest diversity in the Mississippian epoch of the ________ period.
PermianCarboniferousDevonianGeologic time scale

Question 2: The other end of the column was attached to the ocean floor by a holdfast, very much like stalked ________.

Question 3: Like most echinoderms, blastoids were protected by a set of interlocking plates of ________, which formed the main body, or theca.
Calcium hydroxideCalcium silicateCalcium oxideCalcium carbonate

Question 4: They can be found in Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, ________, and Indiana.
ArkansasGeorgia (U.S. state)AlabamaMississippi

Question 5: Blastoids persisted until their extinction at the end of ________, about 325/350 million years ago.
CarboniferousGeologic time scalePermian–Triassic extinction eventPermian

Question 6: Blastoids (class Blastoidea) are an extinct type of stemmed ________.

Question 7: Although never as diverse as their contemporary relatives, the ________, blastoids are quite common fossils, especially in many Mississippian-age rocks.

Question 8: Often called sea buds, blastoid ________ look like small hickory nuts.
GeologyPaleontologyGeologic time scaleFossil


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