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Question 1: The blastocyst is a structure formed in the early embryogenesis of mammals, after the formation of the morula, but before ________.
Prenatal developmentDeciduaPlacentaImplantation

Question 2: The latter combines with the maternal endometrium to form the placenta in ________ mammals..
XenarthraEven-toed ungulateBatEutheria

Question 3: The former is the source of ________ and gives rise to all later structures of the adult organism.
Embryonic stem cellAdult stem cellStem cell controversyStem cell treatments

Question 4: It possesses an inner cell mass (ICM), or embryoblast, which subsequently forms the ________, and an outer layer of cells, or trophoblast, which later forms the placenta.
Prenatal developmentFertilisationEmbryogenesisEmbryo

Question 5: For example, the ________ transcription factor is restricted to the ICM, whereas Cdx2 is expressed at a higher level in the trophoblast than the ICM.
BrachyuryHomeobox protein NANOGAryl hydrocarbon receptorOct-4

Question 6: This article was originally based on an entry from a ________ edition of Gray's Anatomy. As such, some of the information contained within it may be outdated.
Copyright infringementIntellectual propertyCopyrightPublic domain


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