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Question 1: The use of bombs made with kerosene and ________ is very popular in the region.

Question 2: Although outlawed, the practice remains widespread in Southeast Asia, as well as in the ________ and coastal Africa.
Aegean SeaGreeceAegean civilizationsSamos Island

Question 3: The damage of blast fishing in the area has contributed to unstable coral reefs, discouragement of tourism investors, and a threat to the habitat of ________ in the region.

Question 4: In ________ one of the few methods to help manage blast fishing is a joint approach between fisheries officers and village committees.

Question 5: After the bomb explodes, the fish killed or stunned by the ________ from the explosion are collected.
Explosive materialMoving shockSunShock wave

Question 6: They are full of fish, lobsters, prawns, ________, octopuses, mollusks, and sea cucumbers.
Crab fisheriesSea urchinSwordfishCrab

Question 7: Similar patrols employed in Indonesia and ________ have reduced the amount of blast fishing occurrences also.
PhilippinesUnited StatesPapua New GuineaEast Timor

Question 8: Commercial ________ or, more commonly, homemade bombs constructed using a glass bottle with layers of powdered potassium nitrate and pebbles or an ammonium nitrate and kerosene mixture are often employed.
DynamiteCorditeExplosive materialNitroglycerin

Question 9: Blast fishing in ________ has been around for over 50 years.

Question 10: Effective management of ________ (MPAs) is key in the patrolling of illegal fishing areas.
Cetacean bycatchOcean fisheriesMarine Protected AreaWild fisheries


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