Blasphemy: Quiz

Question 1: One verse from the ________ that directly concerns the sin reads as follows:
BibleNevi'imChristianity and JudaismBiblical canon

Question 2: In the ________, there are specific prayers and devotions as Acts of Reparation for blasphemy.
PopePope Gregory ICatholic ChurchPope John Paul II

Question 3: The ________ has specific "Pontifical organizations" for the purpose of the reparation of blasphemy through Acts of Reparation to Jesus Christ, e.g.
Holy SeeSt. Peter's BasilicaCatholic ChurchPope

Question 4: In the third book of the Torah, ________ 24:16 states that those who speak blasphemy "shall surely be put to death".
Book of DeuteronomyBook of LeviticusBook of NumbersPsalms

Question 5: The word "blasphemy" came via Middle English blasfemen and Old French blasfemer and ________ blasphemare from Greek βλασφημέω, from βλάπτω = "I injure" and φήμη = "reputation".
Classical LatinLate LatinMedieval LatinVulgar Latin

Question 6: The ________ says: “Therefore, to swear vainly or rashly by the glorious and awesome name of God…is sinful, and to be regarded with disgust and detestation.
Believer's baptismReformed Baptist1689 Baptist Confession of FaithBaptist beliefs

Question 7: In addition, it is spoken of in the Luke 12:10, where blaspheming the ________ is spoken of as unforgivable - the eternal sin.
Apostle (Christian)Holy SpiritJesusNew Testament

Question 8: The ________ calls blasphemy “the greatest sin that can be outwardly committed”.
LutheranismPhilipp MelanchthonProtestant ReformationBook of Concord

Question 9: Countries with a ________ are the most punitive users of blasphemy laws.
Religions by countryState religionMajor religious groupsChristianity

Question 10: In the early 21st century, blasphemy became an issue for the ________.
United Nations Security CouncilUnited Nations High Commissioner for RefugeesUnited NationsIsrael, Palestine, and the United Nations

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