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Question 1: John's race is not specified in the series, though it is often speculated that he could have Native American heritage (predating the other popular Filmation series ________ by roughly six years).
ChristmasGhostbusters (1986 TV series)BraveStarrBraveStarr: The Movie

Question 2: The font used for the title is the same as that for the (earlier) Walt-Disney-Paramount movie, ________.
Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackIndustrial Light & MagicDragonslayerAlien (film)

Question 3: Blackstar is an American animated television series, a science fantasy story sometimes reported as being inspired by ________.
Thundarr the BarbarianLos AngelesDenverAtlanta

Question 4: The Sagar Tree, a mystical place, is ruled by the peaceful pink-skinned Trobbits (tree ________)
Shire (Middle-earth)Middle-earthSauronHobbit

Question 5: Katana's spaceship design is identical to the Core Fighter seen in the ________ anime Mobile Suit Gundam.

Question 6: It was produced in 1981 by Lou Scheimer and Norm Prescott for ________.
The Batman/Superman HourFilmationStar Trek: The Animated SeriesGroovie Goolies

Question 7: Beyond the supposed ________ (which acts more like an interdimensional wormhole of some sort), there's an "alternative" universe where planet Sagar is located.
Kerr–Newman metricBlack holeKerr metricSchwarzschild metric

Question 8: The technology is quite advanced, as evidenced by Blackstar's "________-based" ship and Katana's "fusion-drive" timeship capable of multidimensional travel.
Standard ModelElectronPhotonAtom

Question 9: Blackstar has many notable similarities to ________, which was produced shortly afterwards.
The Secret of the SwordHe-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas SpecialShe-Ra: Princess of PowerHe-Man and the Masters of the Universe

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