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Question 1:
Who played Tracy the TV series Blackmail?
Ajay Devgan
Donald Calthrop
Charles Paton
Mukesh Rishi

Question 2:
What role did Ricardo Cortez play in the TV series Blackmail?
Ziggy Cranston
Hank Ingram
Tony Falcon/Agent X-44

Question 3:
Who played Shekhar Mohan the TV series Blackmail?
Gene Lockhart
Ajay Devgan
Edward G. Robinson
Ricardo Cortez

Question 4:
What role did Dale Midkiff play in the TV series Blackmail?
Scott Mayfield
Daniel J. Turner
Ziggy Cranston
William 'Bill' Ramey

Question 5:
Who played Mrs. Venable the TV series Blackmail?
Mrs. Sidney Drew
Viola Dana
Adele Mara
Lydia Knott

Question 6: The word is variously derived from the word for tribute (in modern terms, protection racket) paid by English and Scottish border dwellers to ________ in return for immunity from raids and other harassment.
Clan KerrBorder ReiversClan HannayClan Scott

Question 7:
Who played 8 the TV series Blackmail?
Ajay Devgan
Sidney Drew
Shiva Rindani
Donald Calthrop

Question 8:
When was the Blackmail?
June 2009
August 2009

Question 9:
Who played Henry's Wife the TV series Blackmail?
Susan Blakely
Beth Toussaint
Mrs. Sidney Drew
Florence Turner

Question 10:
Who played Chirag Rathod the TV series Blackmail?
Tony Ferrer
Ajay Devgan
William Marshall
Parth Dave

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