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Blackest Night: Quiz


Question 1: Blackest Night mini-site at ________

Question 2: [50] ________ also reviewed the series favorably, rating the first three individual issues between 8.7 and 9.3 out of a possible 10.

Question 3: A black ring strikes the Spectre, binding the spirit while reviving ________ as a Black Lantern.
Barbara GordonBatmanCrispus AllenRenee Montoya

Question 4: ________. Retrieved 2009-08-10.
Eisner AwardNewsaramaJ. Michael StraczynskiEagle Award (comics)

Question 5:

Question 6: The Atom is invited to visit Carter Hall so they may discuss his feelings towards his deceased wife, ________.
Jean LoringSpectre (comics)Black Lantern CorpsEclipso

Question 7: ________ Boston Brand is revealed to be in conflict with his astral and physical self, as his spiritual essence does not want to be resurrected as a Black Lantern.
Green ArrowEtrigan the DemonHal JordanDeadman

Question 8: Roch, Hawkgirl and Hawkman are killed by Black Lanterns ________ and Sue Dibny.
Shade (comics)Gardner FoxFlash (Barry Allen)Elongated Man

Question 9: Johns later revealed that Nekron was the leader of the ________ in an interview with IGN, though he originally intended to keep that plot element a secret.
Anti-MonitorBlack Lantern CorpsBlackest NightSolomon Grundy (comics)

Question 10: In Amnesty Bay, Aquaman, Dolphin, Garth, and ________ are all resurrected as Black Lanterns, and Mera flees.
Black MantaQwspAquagirlSub Diego

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