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Question 1: Some carved fragments survive within the ________ church.
EnglandGeorgian eraVictorian eraUnited Kingdom

Question 2: [13] Rainfall tends to be associated with ________ depressions or with convection.
Arctic OceanIndian OceanPacific OceanAtlantic Ocean

Question 3: Its design was inspired by an Egyptian obelisk, but in the shape of the type of ________ used by Wellington's armies.
Trench knifeM16 rifleUnited StatesBayonet

Question 4: During the ________ it was held for Parliament, subjected to a brief but brutal siege and eventually slighted to destroy its military value.
EnglandEnglish peopleEnglish Civil WarEnglish Reformation

Question 5: [29] Local iron ores were smelted at Hemyock in small bloomeries (furnaces) to produce pure iron until the ________.
High Middle AgesMiddle AgesEarly Middle AgesLate Middle Ages

Question 6: An ________ hill fort was later built on the same site.
Iron AgeAncient Near EastIron Age ChinaLa Tène culture

Question 7: Dunkeswell Abbey, a ________ monastery and offshoot of Forde Abbey, was founded in 1201 by William de Briwere.
CisterciansCarthusianTrappistsCatholic religious order

Question 8: He managed to enclose 1.634 acres and soon sold these, but many of the hedges and fences were removed during the ________.
EnglandEnglish peopleEnglish Civil WarEnglish Reformation

Question 9: The fort is situated on a promontory to the north of and overlooking the ________ at approx 178 m (580 ft) above sea level.
River DartUpper DartTeesside White Water CourseThe Loop, River Dart

Question 10: The area is also part of the ________'s South West England constituency.
European CommissionEuropean UnionBarroso CommissionEuropean Parliament


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