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Question 1:
What role did Jessica Chastain play in the movie Blackbeard?
Charlotte Ormand
Sally Dunbar

Question 2: A few days later they stopped a vessel sailing from ________ to Charlestown in South Carolina.
Saint HelenaAzoresMadeiraPortugal

Question 3: [74] Konstam speculates further, suggesting that Johnson may have been the English playwright Charles Johnson, the British publisher Charles Rivington, or the writer ________.
Daniel DefoeRobinson CrusoeJonathan SwiftWilliam Dampier

Question 4:
Who played Charlotte Ormand the movie Blackbeard?
Iva Shepard
Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain
Rachel Ward

Question 5:
What role did Tom Santschi play in the movie Blackbeard?
Governor Charles Eden
The Governor

Question 6:
What role did Anthony Green play in the movie Blackbeard?
Governor Charles Eden
Israel Hands

Question 7:
Who played The Governor the movie Blackbeard?
Sydney Ayres
Angus Macfadyen
Mark Umbers
Hobart Bosworth

Question 8:
Where was Blackbeard born?
Kings Norton, England
Bristol, England
Redland, Bristol, England

Question 9:
Who played Israel Hands the movie Blackbeard?
Fred Huntley
Stacy Keach
Richard Chamberlain
Anthony Green

Question 10:
Who played 5 the movie Blackbeard?
Sydney Ayres
Stacy Keach
Richard Chamberlain
Frank Clark

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