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Black start: Quiz


Question 1: A black start is the process of restoring a ________ to operation without relying on external energy sources.
HydroelectricityNuclear powerElectricity generationPower station

Question 2: Often ________ power plants are designated as the black-start sources to restore network interconnections.
HydroelectricityPumped-storage hydroelectricityCoalWind power

Question 3: A battery starts a small ________ installed in a hydroelectric generating station.
National Grid Reserve ServiceNational Grid (UK)Load managementDiesel generator

Question 4: To provide a black start, some power stations have small ________ which can be used to start larger generators (of several megawatts capacity), which in turn can be used to start the main power station generators.
National Grid Reserve ServiceNational Grid (UK)Diesel generatorLoad management


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