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Question 1: Creeks, ________, Choctaws, Ais, Guale, Chickasaws, Chitimacha and many others are documented users of the drink.
Muscogee (Creek)Ocmulgee National MonumentCherokee historyCherokee

Question 2: [4] Artifacts made from these marine shells have been found as far north as Wisconsin and as far west as ________.

Question 3: [3] During the ________ period the presence of items associated with the black drink ceremony had spread over most of the south, with many hundreds of examples from Etowah, Spiro, Moundville and Hiwassee Island.
Nodena SiteSoutheastern Ceremonial ComplexMississippian cultureMound builder (people)

Question 4: During each persons turn to drink, ritual songs were sung (Yahola [6], the ritual name Asi Yahola or Black Drink Singer is corrupted into English as ________).
FloridaSecond Seminole WarSeminoleOsceola

Question 5: Black drink was forbidden to women, and it was ________ for them to even help in its preparation.

Question 6: The columnella would then be used as a pendant, a motif that shows up frequently in ________ designs.
Black drinkSpiro MoundsSoutheastern Ceremonial ComplexMississippian culture

Question 7: The beverage was often used as a substitute for ________ and tea by colonists under the name cassine or cassina.
History of coffeeCaffeineCoffeeCoffeehouse

Question 8: Creeks, ________, Choctaws, and others believed it purified the drinker and purged him of anger and falsehoods.
Ocmulgee National MonumentCherokeeCherokee historyMuscogee (Creek)

Question 9: It was prepared from the roasted leaves and stems of the Yaupon Holly (Ilex vomitoria), native to the ________ and Gulf Coasts.
Atlantic OceanPacific OceanIndian OceanArctic Ocean

Question 10: Afterward, they purged themselves by ________.
VomitingNauseaAbdominal painDiarrhea

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