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Question 1: An example is found in the ________, which exhibits a dipole anisotropy from the Earth's motion relative to this blackbody radiation field.
Atacama Cosmology TelescopeVery Small ArrayCosmic microwave background radiationSunyaev-Zel'dovich effect

Question 2: Since color is the directly visible measure of the ________, this observation means that light at different temperatures has a different distribution of energy among the different wavelengths.
WavelengthDiffractionElectronElectromagnetic radiation

Question 3: This occurs regardless of the ________ of the radiation entering (as long as it is small compared to the hole).
Electromagnetic radiationLightDiffractionWavelength

Question 4: Because the thermal state of light was so confusing before the advent of quantum mechanics, the ________ arguments that light has a thermal equilibrium state were made very carefully.
19th centuryRomanticism18th centuryEugène Delacroix

Question 5: In addition, it led to the development of quantum probability distributions, called Fermi-Dirac statistics and ________, each applicable to a different class of particle, which are used in quantum mechanics instead of the classical distributions.
Statistical mechanicsMaxwell–Boltzmann statisticsFermi–Dirac statisticsBose–Einstein statistics

Question 6: Energy generated internally by a planet itself (due to ________, tidal heating and adiabatic contraction due to cooling).
Nuclear fusionRadioactive decayNuclear fissionGamma ray

Question 7: Because light is the oscillation of a continuous ________, the study of black-body radiation reveals how continuous fields can have a temperature, something which contradicts classical physics.
Electromagnetic fieldElectromagnetismMaxwell's equationsElectromagnetic radiation

Question 8: where v is the velocity of the source in the observer's rest frame, θ is the angle between the velocity vector and the observer-source direction, and c is the ________.
OpticsSunSpeed of lightPhoton

Question 9: Super black is an example of such a material, made from a ________-phosphorus alloy.

Question 10: ________ is the hypothetical black-body radiation emitted by black holes.
PhotonGravitationBlack hole thermodynamicsHawking radiation

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