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Question 1: It is also possible that the name Axeinos arose by popular etymology from a ________ Iranic axšaina- 'unlit,' 'dark'; the designation "Black Sea" may thus date from Antiquity.
SarmatiansScythiansSlavic peoplesIranian peoples

Question 2: The Black Sea supports an active and dynamic marine ecosystem, dominated by species suited to the ________, nutrient-rich, conditions.
United StatesBrackish waterBaltic SeaNorth Sea

Question 3: In 1997, William Ryan and Walter Pitman from Columbia University published a hypothesis according to which a massive flood through the ________ occurred in ancient times.

Question 4: ________'s Geography (1.2.10) reports that in antiquity, the Black Sea was often just called "the Sea" (ho pontos).

Question 5: Day length and ________ intensity also controls the extent of the photic zone.
InsolationSeasonDirect insolationSunlight

Question 6: The ________ is based on that idea.
Aegean SeaBlack Sea deluge theoryMediterranean SeaCaspian Sea

Question 7: The main phytoplankton groups present in the Black Sea are dinoflagellates, diatoms, coccolithophores and ________ (see list below).
Streptococcus iniaeCyanobacteriaProkaryoteGram-positive bacteria

Question 8: Coccolithophores: Coccolithophores are a type of motile, autotrophic ________ that produce CaCO3 plates, known as coccoliths, as part of their life cycle.
DiatomCyanobacteriaPhytoplanktonPrimary production

Question 9: Being further north than the ________ and much less saline, the microalgae concentration is much richer, causing the dark colour.
Indian OceanPacific OceanAtlantic OceanMediterranean Sea

Question 10: Thus, for example, archeologists found fresh-water snail shells and man-made structures in roughly 328 feet (100 m) of water off the Black Sea coast of modern ________.
Turkish peopleCyprusTurkeyCroatia

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