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Black July: Quiz


Question 1: There was also a series of notable ethnic riots known as the 1977 riots following the ________ coming to power in 1977.
Jathika Hela UrumayaEelam People's Revolutionary Liberation FrontUnited National PartyLanka Sama Samaja Party

Question 2: More than 18,000 houses and numerous commercial establishments were destroyed and hundreds of thousands of Tamils fled the country to Europe, ________ and Canada.
United KingdomAustraliaJamaicaBarbados

Question 3: Similar events were held in Switzerland, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Great Britain, ________, and New Zealand.
CanadaBarbadosAustraliaUnited Kingdom

Question 4: Mobs armed with petrol were seen stopping passing motorists at critical street junctions and, after ascertaining the ________ identity of the driver and passengers, setting alight the vehicle with the driver and passengers trapped within it.
Ethnic groupMoresIndigenous peoplesSouth Asian ethnic groups

Question 5: As soldiers traveling in a truck which was following the jeep dismounted to help their colleagues, they were ambushed by a group of Tamil Tiger fighters, who fired at them with automatic weapons and hurled ________ at them.
FranceHand grenadeGunpowderLand mine

Question 6: The Canadian Tamil Congress sponsored an event in downtown Toronto on July 24, 2009, for Tamil-Canadians to gather and thank ________ for granting them asylum.
BarbadosCanadaUnited KingdomUnited States

Question 7: [2] It is estimated that between 400-3000 [1] Tamils were killed, tens of thousands of houses were destroyed, and a wave of ________ left for other countries.
Sri Lankan Tamil peopleTamil peopleSinhalese peopleSri Lankan Tamil diaspora

Question 8: The riots occurred following a deadly ambush by a Tamil militant organization known as ________ which killed 13 Sri Lanka Army soldiers.
TamilNet2008–2009 Sri Lankan Army Northern offensiveLiberation Tigers of Tamil EelamSri Lankan Civil War

Question 9: [3][4][5] It has become a day of remembrance for the ________ around the world.
Sri Lankan Tamil peopleSri Lankan Tamil diasporaSri Lankan Civil WarTamil Canadian

Question 10: Black July is the commonly used name for the anti-Tamil attacks carried out by Sinhala mobs starting in ________ on July 23, 1983.
MalaysiaMaldivesPakistanSri Lanka


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